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Warlords III: Reign of Heroes

Sequel to Warlords and Warlords II, Warlords III takes the Warlords experience to the next dimension. Rated a perfect five out of five stars by Computer Gaming World. Designed by SSG and published by Red Orb Entertainment.
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Decisive Battles of WWII: The Ardennes Offensive

The ultimate Battle of the Bulge wargame using SSG's revolutionary new WWII land combat system. Designed by SSG and published by SSI
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Warlords II - Mac CD

Warlords II - Mac has been upgraded to Deluxe standard and put on CD. It now comes with over 64 new scenarios, and can exchange PBEM files with Deluxe PC. Also included is a scenario converter for PC Deluxe scenarios.
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Total War

Strategic Studies Group has announced Total War, a mega compilation of SSG's highly successful Macintosh wargames. Total War comes on CD only, and contains programs with a retail value of over $500 if purchased separately.
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The Complete Carriers at War

The Complete Carriers at War contains Carriers at War I, Carriers at War II, the Carriers at War Construction Kit, brand new Atlantic and Mediterranean scenarios, and all Carriers at War scenarios from SSG's Run 5 magazine, on CD-ROM.
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